09 August, 2012

a thing i made

hey, look, i typed on my computer and made words appear on your screen.  weird.

so i finally took the time to update wordpress to the most recent codebase, as well as set up a "network".  so hopefully it will make administration of the other blogs that i host, as much as people actually post.

also, it's been more than 10 years since i first blogged something.

05 March, 2010

apologies all around

no, not for failure to post anything. pft. apologies to anyone using me for blog hosting, as my database went kaput or something in the last few days, and lost a bunch of...well, data.

also, apologies for spamming your RSS readers, with old posts that want to show up as new. mercifully, i had a recent enough backup of my tables. one of the advantages of not posting anything for 6-7 months.

and hey, finally activated that theme i was working on sometime last year. still not complete, but whatever.

02 May, 2009

2009 kinetic sculpture race (pt 1)

kinetic sculpture race is hella fun.

will talk more about it, or at least post a link to pictures, later. like, when my body starts working again.

14 April, 2009

tea party

wah wah wah

seriously, unless you live in DC, you have no right to complain about taxation without representation.

also, i really hope this protest involves the destruction of tea. because, quite frankly, someone had to pay good money for that tea, only to have it destroyed.


10 March, 2009

more and more gone

lifeandliberty.gov (and its siamese-twin-like sister sites, patriotact.gov and protectamericaact.gov) has been banished to the purgatory that is the DOJ archives.

good-bye, patriot act cheerleaders. we'll miss your crazy enthusiasm for some horrible legislature.

27 February, 2009

eugene mirman

saw eugene mirman at his book reading at barnes & noble last night. there are even some pictures:

Eugene Mirman, 27 February 2009

also, this was my parking lot at work this morning:

From From my phone