01 May, 2002

Hey There

Welcome. Wilkommen. Bienvenidos. Salve.
(Yeah, I'm sure I mispelled one of those. Someone will certainly let me know.)

It looks like I've decided to join the Dork Ages and start doing my own blog. Exciting, ain't it?

It could be worse, I could be trying to be a camwhore. However, that would never work because: 1) I ain't pretty enough and 2) the webcam would either show my living room or me watching Buffy, Simpsons, Greg the Bunny, etc. How could I ever hope to attract suckers viewers to spend money on me with that?!

But anyhoo, I figure this will be a nice way to spread all of those annoying links and pictures I find during the day to everybody. All five of you! So, like, check back often. Feel free to leave some comments.

<Coffee Talk>Give us a call. We'll talk. No big woop.</Coffee Talk>

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