07 May, 2002

Social responsibility

This is a hoot and a half right here. It's the first ever McDonald's Social Responsibility Report. How nice of them to package all of their crap into one, easy-to-read report!

To quote:

McDonald's was the first in our industry to provide nutritional information for customers. For many years, we have voluntarily provided nutrition information to help our customers make informed choices when eating at our restaurants. Most recently, in the United States, we raised the bar in our industry by voluntarily adding information about the source of natural flavorings in our core menu items...

Well, god bless you, Mr. Scrooge. Amazing how they voluntarily started adding this information after they were sued for misrepresenting what was in the natural flavorings used in the preparation of their fries. Normally I'm not a big proponent of suing over every little thing. But in this case, I'm just glad that their duplicitous practice was exposed to the world, and that McDonald's had to walk around with a little McEgg on it's McFace.

This, BTW, is exactly why I refuse to eat at McDonald's anymore. And before anyone points out that the fries have been reformulated (there's just something not quite right about eating food that has been reformulated) so that they can now be considered vegetarian, I will just say: So. Fucking. What? That, my friends, is just not good enough for me. I was lied to for years, and I'm not about to accept their oh-so-magnanimous apology now.

Yeah, I eat at Burger King. And Taco Bell. And Subway. Et cetera. At least I know, for the most part, what they are doing. I've worked at two of them (BK and Subway), and while I know they aren't exactly bastions of cruelty-free, vegetarian food, I can deal with their practices. In other words, I know that when I eat a BK Veggie burger, I'm taking my chances because it was cooked on the same broiler as the Whoppers. And you know what? I'm just fine with that. I'm sure there are plenty of vegetarians who will happily eschew me for doing so, but oh well. I don't expect my food to be prepared in a sterile, meat-free environment, unless I happen to be going to a restaurant that advertises this fact.

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