13 June, 2002


Dante says: 50?!Remember the guy who decided that castration would be fun? (I'd hope so, the article isn't but a few inches below this one.) Well, here's a followup article about the guy who did it. Not only is this not his first castration, it's number fifty! FIFTY!

Criminal or not, home castration is not unheard of.
Several Web sites are devoted to the subject, which some men pursue for erotic reasons.
This could just be me. I am a strange person. But when I think of all things erotic, castration, particularly home castration, is the complete, polar opposite of, oh say, red-heads.

Now, my other beef with this case is with the doctors who re-attached the man's testicles. Yeah, I know that's what doctors are supposed to do: help people who have been injured. But this is Darwin, baby. I can't quite imagine his genetic material producing a lot of poet laureates or nobel prize winners in future generations. It sounds like this man is crying to be removed from the gene pool, so let's get him out before he pees in it.

Quite frankly, any time a person would like to remove themself from the process of making more little people, I think we should let them. Now, I would recommend a vasectomy for the guys out there, but if castration is what you're really, really clamoring for, then go for it. Just don't let me know about it, mmm'kay? I like my wrinklies just the way they are.

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