17 June, 2002

Kids Today

"Between college and family vacations, I just don't have time for a job," said Salamone, 17. Added her classmate Lindsey Norris, 17, who also has no employment plans this summer: "Call me spoiled, but I think kids in this area [of Fairfax County] are lucky they don't have to work."
Ah, to be seventeen again. No responsibilities. No real worries. No need for a job.

Oh, wait a minute. I did have a job when I was seventeen. I was out learning something resembling a work ethic. And I still had time to hang out with friends and do other things. So yeah, thanks, I think I will call these kids spoiled.

And another thing! These damn kids don't even know what Atari is. What the hell?

And where is my cane?!

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