21 June, 2002


I am currently "experiencing" a Vanilla Coke. I will have to rate it an "eh". It's not horrible, but it could taste so much better. Personally, I'd prefer to mix my own Coke and vanilla flavoring. As well as some rum flavor. Ooh, or me-kong (I'm sure there are some special characters in there somewhere). Yeah, that's the ticket. I should beg Soon-ah for some.

The fortune cookie that came with my lunch says: Remember to share good fortune as well as bad with your friends. Huh? I mean, don't I share enough bad with you guys? Am I being too good?

And after spending the week actually having to work (*gasp*), I'm now sitting here, twiddling my thumbs. Just waiting for some big-ass assignment to get plopped on my desk.

Amusing links:
Wienermobile gets stopped along Rt 110 (outside of Pentagon)
Jack Black soundboard - do some cock pushups while you listen!
M&Ms games

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