30 June, 2002


Went to a free concert featuring They Might Be Giants outside the MCI Center in DC's Chinatown. Definitely a good concert for being free. A little bit short (maybe 1:15, 1:30 tops), but they did play a good variety of songs. A lot of it was pushing their new album, No, which I must admit I hadn't even heard about until last night.

Of course, it was fun watching the teeming throngs of people scurrying on out through the gates after the first encore. And then watching them do a complete about-face once the second encore started. Sadly, while they did play Istanbul (Not Constantinople), they didn't make it the last song of the second encore. They went from a high-energy song that all of the fans new to a slower-tempo track off their new album to cap off the night. What sense does that make?

We heard a little bit from one of the opening acts, Juniper Lane. Kinda meh. They did a cover of Radiohead's Creep, which I guessed in 2 notes. Unfortunately, the lead singer, Vivion Smith (major stiffner, BTW), while filling the song with emotion, picked the wrong emotion. She was much too happy. I'm sorry, but when I think of Creep, I want to hear the rather anguished and tortured voice of Thom York, or someone similar. It's a sad, angst-filled song, damnit!

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