09 July, 2002

Help Me Out Here

According to the nice people at Coca-Cola, caffeine is not addictive.

Hrm. Okay, work with me on this one people. I'm thinking of a story from a few years back. It might be somewhat obscure, but I'm sure someone out there knows what I'm thinking of.

This one also involved a large, multi-national corporation. This corporation also came out on the side that their major product (ooooh, what was it?) was not addictive. They even commissioned "studies" to prove their point. Was it General Mills referring to Lucky Charms? Nah, that doesn't sound right. McDonald's and the Big Mac? Possibly, but still not quite it.

Help me out here, folks. I do remember, though, this corporation got spanked for their lies. Although definitely not spanked enough, because they're still in business. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

1 comment:

  1. i'll take a wild guess. wasn't it gummi bears?