24 July, 2002

Keep the Tip

There are times that I'm glad my circumcision was done before I was able to form any memories. (Not that my ability to form memories is all that hot right now.)

But the Turkish operation -- while yielding to tradition -- was a strictly medical procedure with a local anaesthetic being applied before the foreskin was removed with a sort of soldering- iron gun that cuts through the flesh and seals the wound behind it at the same time.

All I can ask for in this report is that they come up with a more medical-sounding word than soldering-iron for the tool they used. Yeah, something like a soldering-iron would be the best implement for the procedure, because it will cauterize the wound as it's being made. But you know, I just think of actual solder and putting chips into a circuit board when I hear soldering-iron. And I just can't imagine having an old 8088 CPU imbedded into my penis, held on with now-solidified metal. As kinky as it might be, and as pleasurable as it might be for her.

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  1. [gasp] [faint]I'm just thankful (I hope) that the U.S. has quite a different procedure for a circumcison, as I plan to have one done in the near future for aesthetic and personal reasons.But, if the boys were able to look during, I suppose it wasn't -as- bad as first thought.