11 July, 2002


So is it really shyness that's preventing these nice Brits from buying the XXL condoms?

Oh sure, it could definitely be modesty. Because really, most guys don't want to go around, bragging about their big penis. That's just not how the male mind works.

I'll pause so you can get the laughter out of your system.

In all honesty, going to the chemist or the supermarket and picking up a box of Magnums is an easy way to send out a message to all that are around you: My dick is big. Look, it's so big, I need to buy special condoms to accomodate it's size. Any questions?

And hey, if your dick is big, and you do need the Hefty bags, more power to you. Just stop being a jerk. You say you're not a jerk? Thing again, Mr. Jerky McJerkerson.

Where was I? Oh yeah.

So there really is no reason for a guy to feel shy about buying the larger condoms (outside of the general anxiety many guys feel about buying condoms of any size). He just better hope, for the sake of his ego, as well as his partner, he can make full use of them.

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  1. You know how everything grows better in damp weather.