23 August, 2002

Fly Me to the Moon

A lunar nuclear waste repository. The general idea is that spent nuclear fuel will be loaded into ICBMs and shot out to the moon. It all goes to one specific area of the moon, which will be deemed contaminated, but since there's no atmosphere or water, there's nothing much to worry about.

My question is: If it's already being loaded up into rockets and shot out of the atmosphere, why not aim it at the fucking sun?! I mean, come on. We're never setting foot on the sun. And basically, everything that gets sent out will most likely just be used as fuel by the star. I mean, is there something painfully obvious that I'm missing? Sure, it'll be a longer journey for the spent fuel, but who the fuck cares? Additionally, once you get the rocket (or whatever assembly is actually used after leaving the atmosphere) going towards the sun, there's not much chance of it going elsewhere.


  1. I think the painful part you're missing is the ICBM exploding while in flight.

  2. What's a world-wide extinction event amongst friends?