13 August, 2002

I've Got Big Balls

But they've got the biggest...balls of them all.

Sorry for the AC/DC misquote, but it seemed appropriate.

Because the nice people at Enron are back in the news. Seems some of those executives, who walked out with millions of dollars in stock, salary and bonuses, need a little more.

Keith Dodson, a former executive in Enron's engineering and construction subsidiary, wants $210,000. Dodson received $319,941 in the 12 months before Enron's collapse.
Charles Garland, a former managing director, is asking for $892,000. He received $1.6 million before Enron's demise.
John Sherriff, the former president of Enron's European operations, asked for $1.65 million. He received $4.3 million in pay and stock before the collapse.

Oh, how times must be tough for these people. Really, how does anyone expect a man to live on a mere $4.3 million?

1 comment:

  1. After all they've raped and pilaged, do you honestly expect any better? Especially when they know they have a get out of jail free card in the President and his lackeys?