26 August, 2002

I Want a New Drug

Shocking that major pharmaceutical companies are trying to block states' efforts to lower Medicaid costs by making doctors prescribe generic and lower-priced brand-name drugs.

The industry, represented by the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), argues that medications that appear the same may affect patients differently. The state programs, PhRMA says, illegally restrict care for the poor by creating barriers to the most expensive drugs.

Hey, dumbass! Guess what? The major barrier between poor people and expensive drugs is, well, money!

Considering how woefully bloated state budgets are nowadays, why don't we let them do what they can to save some money? At least they're not cutting Medicaid completely. The people who need the service are still able to receive the medical care they need, just without lining some pharm execs pockets.

Or wait. Could that be their real problem?

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  1. I went to the doctor last week. I got a prescription. I went to CVS. I picked up prescription. I spent $100. Yay, bacteria and infectious diseases!