12 August, 2002

Live Vicariously

You can bet the father in this story is already planning his retirement.

I already think golf is a big enough waste of time. Hitting a little ball with a big stick over several hundred yards of land. Wow. Be still my beating heart. And not to mention the general waste of land and questionable policies that go hand-in-hand with golf courses.

But to subject your five year-old child to such a regimented activity is asinine. Let the kid run around and play with his friends. Sports are great for teaching teamwork and having fun, but not when they are the only thing in your child's life. I don't know about you, but when I was five, I can't imagine having any patience for learning the game of golf. Hell, any game for that matter. Usually, my friends and I would end up playing modified versions of different sports, with a lot of the minutiae overlooked. And damnit, we had fun.

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