30 August, 2002

They'll Never Take Our Freedom

So, a recent poll found that more and more Americans feel the First Amendment provides too much freedom.

Wait a minute. Too much freedom? That's the sort of idea that really takes a lot of work to wrap your brain around.

Really, I know I hate being able to say what I want about the government. Question the president? Preposterous. Practice whatever religion I want to? Heaven forfend! Read a book of my choice? Wouldn't it just be easier if the state made a list of approved reading material?

You'll have to forgive me, but I fail to see a need to scrap a constitution that's over 200 years old because of one attack against our country. I find it rather ironic that the same sort of people who railed against communist Russia (and other Eastern Bloc countries) for their oppressive regimes are now asking for exactly that in our country. Once you gut the first amendment, there's nine more waiting to be skewered. Who really needs a Bill of Rights, anyways?

Freedom and security don't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive ideas.

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