21 August, 2002


Darn those pesky French. How dare they produce a movie in tribute to September 11th that actually contains anti-U.S. segments? Mon dieu!

You mean that there are actually people in this world who do not see America is the shining beacon of hope and light that it thinks it is? That maybe there are other opinions of global affairs besides America's? Let me just say I am shocked and astounded to hear this!


  1. Remembering September 11th should not be about politics. So many innocent people lost.... How would you feel if your father, brother, or husband died in such a tragedy?

  2. Don't assume that I didn't lose somebody on that day.(I didn't. Just don't assume.)No matter what, I still want to see justice played out. But I also want to learn why these people felt that flying airplanes into large buildings was their only way to be heard. To chalk it up to religious fanaticism is asinine. Yes, that played a part, but it was not the only reason. American politics have pissed off a lot of people throughout the world, enough to make them want to kill us. Does that say something about them? Or us?You can raise your flags high, and bury your head in the ground. Or you can start looking around at the rest of the world, and start asking them what the problems are. This film is certainly a step in the right direction.