27 September, 2002

2 Days

Actually, not even two days, and I've already screwed around with the design. But at least not major changes. Ultimately, I just didn't want to abandon the most recent comments section. It's such a convenient way to be able to check if people are bothering to leave any comments.

Some notes about the design:

  • I've resized the cow pictures from 106px to 100px wide. This means that if you have some of the cows in your cache, they're probably still 106px wide, and will run over into the blog section. You have two choices: Hit shift-reload a lot; clear your cache; or just not worry about it.

    Three choices. You have three choices! The nature of which I have divulged in my previous paragraph.
  • The left- and right-hand sides should stay in place, while the content in the middle moves up and down. Much like frames, except I use absolute and fixed positioning in style sheets to create the effect. This means:
    • Some browsers display everything correctly. I use Mozilla as my primary browser, and not coincidentally, Mozilla displays the pages correctly.
    • For some, the left and right sides stay in place, but when you move up and down, the graphics "stutter". It's somewhat difficult to describe, but basically what happens is that the empty space underneath "Jibba Jabba" might end up filled with pieces of the "Jibba Jabba" graphic, or the "Periodic Table of Links" graphic. If you switch windows, it will clear up (until you move the scroll bar up and down again). Why this happens is beyond me. Why this should happen in certain browsers, whose rendering engines are the same as other browsers that do work, is also a mystery. Let's just hope that future releases will fix the problem.
    • Some browsers just can't handle positioning, so everything moves up and down. Obviously, not that big of a deal.
    • Older browsers (such as Netscape 4.x, which I sadly must deal with at work) just can't handle it at all. The page looks like complete and utter crap. And you know what? Those browsers are worth approximately one pair of fetid dingo's kidneys to me. If you're using one, I suggest you read the next bullet:
    • Browsers with style sheets turned off or that have little need for true CSS support (such as Lynx), will not have the most visually appealing experience, but all of the content will be there. Everything should be laid out in such a manner that none of the text is hidden or in funky places. This is what happens when you have to code to Section 508 standards at work, you end up creating (somewhat) accessible websites on your own.
  • For the most part, the "Miscellaneous Debris" logo on the right is a place holder. Sooner or later either I or someone else will come up with something I really like, and I'll got with that.

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