07 September, 2002


Made some changes to how the site looks. Various archive views are available under the Archives link. Added a link to some stats produced by Sawmill. (Still working on making them look like the rest of the site.)

Most importantly, though, is that I've switched all of the files over to PHP. The <$MTInclude$> tag just wasn't cutting it, especially for including modules in the different archives. Plus, by having my navigation bar module as an index file, and then including it through a PHP call, I save on CPU overhead when it comes time to rebuild. And quite frankly, only other geeks will find this at all interesting.

So be aware that stuff might be broken. Particularly in terms of links from outside sites, such as search engines. It'll take a while before they all crawl through again and start caching files. But for the most part, I think the changes will be largely transparent to you, my loyal reader.

Leave any comments in the suggestion box.

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