27 September, 2002


Just read an interesting op-ed piece included in Jenny's blog.

I must whole-heartedly agree with the assessment that Dubya just doesn't know when to quit. When things are going wrong, you really need to re-assess the situation, and make some strategic changes.

Let's take a look at something as simple as speech. You've probably seen the clip of Dubya speaking to a group in Tennessee, where he uttered this little doozy:

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me...uhhh...fool..um...a fooled man can't be fooled again!"

Now, what he was going for, of course, was "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". A pretty good sentiment, all in all. However, even though he knew he was fucking it up, did he stop? No, not George Bush. He instead valiantly trapses on, tacking on whatever the hell he wants to, as if he was going to somehow save face with this tactic.

I wouldn't have thought twice if he had stopped, and started over again, this time getting the phrase right. I know that when I'm talking, I often backtrack, in hopes of getting what I'm saying right. (In fact, this is why I prefer using the internet for communication. I can hit the bloody backspace key and remove my mistakes.)

There are, I'm sure, so many other, more important examples of this behaviour. But damnit, something so simple as this should really be ringing alarm bells along the way.

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