12 September, 2002


British American scientists have figured out how to grow test-tube penises.

There are so many things I could say here.
Bad Viagra jokes.
Interchangeable dicks.
Flesh Textured Dildos.
Detachable Penis.

But I'll leave that as an exercise for the readers.

1 comment:

  1. er, james, according to the article, the scientists are american. harvard medical school and all.which brings to mind the dartmouth jeer at harvard:h - a - r
    h - a - r
    h - a - r with a v
    v - a - r
    v - a - r
    v - a - r with a dhar-vard
    har-vardharvard men are big and tough
    they know how to knit and stuff
    knit, one
    pearl, twohar-vard
    yoo hoo!