22 October, 2002

Election Day

Well, election is day is just around the corner. Remember to get out and vote, motherfucker! Of course, in most states, it's entirely too late to register. Some nice midwestern states, like North Dakota and Minnesota (I believe), allow you to register on election day itself. Just walk up with your driver's license, and you're good to go. Wow, what a concept! Letting people who are legally able to vote. . . . vote.

So, we'll assume you've registered, and that you're willing to vote. Now, you need to be prepared. An uninformed voter might as well stay home, for all the good he or she will do. Head out to DemocracyNet, and check out the races in your area. All you need is your zip code. How hard is that?

At this point, I've gone through all of the candidates running for the Senate for the find state commonwealth of Virginia. Let's see what the political machine has to offer this year:

  • Republicans: John Warner goes for term number five. Ho hum. I'm sure he's been stellar for the last 24 years, but politics should not be a life. Serve your constituents, then move on.
  • Democrats: Surprise, surprise, the democrats aren't even putting someone up against Warner. This is the travesty of the two-party system. "Oh, we're going to lose...let's not bother to give the people a choice". Way to fucking go, dems. Why not make it even easier for yourselves, and merge the parties?
  • Libertarian: Jacob Hornberger, pretty much the de facto Libertarian candidate, although he lists himself as an independent
  • LaRouche Democrat: I can hear you all know..."the hell?!" But yeah, check out Nancy Spannaus. Admittedly, a little too far off-centre for me.

Ultimately, I don't agree 100% with any of these candidate's ideas. That's just not going to happen, unless I run for office myself. (And who's going to vote for a mysanthropic, chaos-lover such as myself?) But for the most part, I tend to agree with Hornberger's policies. (There ya go, you've got the jgumby.com endorsement! And all ten people who read this will know about you, Mr. Hornberger.) At least, more than Warner or Spannaus. To quote Hornberger:

Individuals have a moral right to live their lives peacefully, even if they choose to do so in a self-destructive manner.

It's kind of sad that there are no major "hot-button" issues to get voters to rally around. Yeah, there's the war with Iraq, but it's just not getting people foaming at the mouth like it should. I remember back in 1994, when Ollie North decided to run for Senate. It actually made my dad go out and register, just so he could vote against him. Nearly 40 years of not-voting, turned around because of who was running. Why can't we have that now?

Even better would just be voters who gave a damn, of course. But that ain't going to happen.

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