17 October, 2002

Harry Potter

Lord VoldemortAs Lord Voldemort, you are extremely intelligent, talented and brilliant. One minor drawback though... you are the personification of all evil. Although you have a clear understanding of moral issues, you prefer to take the more murderous or destructive option. Your strong powers of leadership attracts people, but for all the wrong reasons. Your favourite past-time of blowing up people does not go down well with the neighbours.

I am Voldemort

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  1. I am the Weasley Twins. I don't think that is a surprise to anyone!
    Weasley TwinsAs the Weasley Twins, you possess to cheeky charm to endear others towards you. You like to be bold and stand out from the croud, but often by extravagant means. Your extrovert nature may be attractive to some, but your mischievous is likely to offend others. You may not be the brains of the bunch, but you continual happiness brightens up peoples' days.