04 October, 2002

Hot or Not

Doing this for validation: Is my Blog HOT or NOT?

And no, not my own, personal validation. I'm not quite that sad.


  1. Heh.

    Well, the other day, I decided I had to figure out how you did 'the cow thing'. I had decided you had a blank cow picture and a list of phrases and some nifty program that dynamically imposed the phrase on the photo, and I wanted to figure out how that worked.

    But nooOOOOooo. You just have a whole bunch of static pictures with the phrases already printed on them. Bleah. ;)

  2. :-)I suppose if I could find some graphic manipulation routines for PHP, I could do what you were thinking. But hey, it's just as easy to use Photoshop at this point.

  3. There are tons of graphics libraries for PHP... it's just stupid to waste the resources and processing time to serve up a cow that doesn't like doughnuts.