10 October, 2002


I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. A lot. But not this much. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I'm not going to wait in line for two days for a doughnut. It's not like the store will only be open for a week, so get your doughnuts while you can.

Also, this guy:

"I don't like doughnuts, to be quite honest," said John Kristofak, a member of the Central Connecticut State University jazz band that was asked to play for the ribbon cutting ceremony. "I just want coffee. I don't need any lard."

is an idiot. Check out the nutritonal info for the original glazed. The only lard is probably in your ass, jazz-boy.


  1. When KK opened in Austin, TX (my home) a few years ago, I know that the lines could be 2-3 *hours*. While I too worship at the temple of the donut, I refuse to wait for them more than 5 minutes. Fortunately, KK is not unusual in DC, so getting a fix at the Alexandria store is easy. :-)

  2. Maybe Jazz-Boy was thinking of LardLad doughnuts from the Simpson's!