15 October, 2002


[I realize I've been fairly slack lately, in keeping people apprised of the events of the world in which we live. So, let me try to fix that.]

Neither Wal-Mart, Toys R Us nor KB Toys will carry Acclaim's latest video game, "BMX XXX".

"We're not going to carry any software with any vulgarity or nudity -- we're just not going to do it," Wal-Mart spokesman Tom Williams told Reuters.

Wow, big shock right there. And Wally World is usually a bastion of freedom and openness. Of course, maybe we should hear from Acclaim about their product:

A promotional video clip first bills "BMX XXX" as a "game of cultural sophistication and artistic aspiration" then launches into a hard-rocking montage of clips, including bike tricks and shots of strippers in action. The video ends with the admonition: "We're going to hell for this and you're all coming with us."

I think Kid Rock would be proud.

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