08 November, 2002

I Should Really Bring My Camera to Work

Wednesday, my regular computer at the office died. Nothing like booting the machine and seeing Disk I/O error: Status = 00001000. Naturally, I call the wonderful people at our help desk, and after about 10 minutes of explaining what the problem is, and that I can't do anything as it stands, they agree that someone needs to come out and fix the machine. Well, duh.

So I've been stuck on various other machines throughout the office for the last two days. Which is a pain. One, I have to move to various stations, and constantly run into the other people in my office. Literally, run into them. There's just not enough space for people to move around a lot. Two, no other machine has all of the software that I had been using. One of the nice things about being here for 2.5 years is that I've managed to get my computer set up just the way I want it, unauthorized software and all.

What occurred to me this morning, though, is that JCON (the people what handle our computer stuff) will naturally try to re-image my machine. Thus destroying hundreds of useful data files on my drive. Assuming, of course, my drive works at all.

I meant to bring in my toolkit this morning, so I could take the drive out of my computer, put it into another computer, copy the necessary data and put everything back to normal. Of course, I forgot the toolkit. But, after cannabilizing some cables from one computer, I was able to hook the IDE drive of my computer to the secondary channel on our lab computer. And let me tell, it's a pain in the ass getting an IDE cable to stretch from one computer to another. They did, however, remind me of a wonderful moment on The Simpsons, where Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are walking down the street together, holding hands.

"If you can think of a more efficient method to transfer long protein strands, we would love to hear it."

So anyways, this is why I need to bring my camera to work. The little moments like this.

P.S.: I was able to get my data from the drive, so it's not completely hosed. Hopefully I can get the JCON monkey to install Win2000 instead of NT4 whenever he or she finally shows up.


  1. It has been two days and still no help desk monkey?HelpDesk Monkey(tm) Hate Fix!

  2. yeah, no doubt. imagine everything you hate about your help desk, and everything bad you've heard about other it support staffs. now, combine all of those and raise to the power of three. that is the wonder that is JCON!waiting for them to do anything (fix a computer, install new hardware, reprogram the switches) is excruciatingly painful."oh, adobe has released acrobat 5.0.5? well, we'll need to test it for six months to make sure it's safe. then we'll upgrade the copy on your computer."

  3. BTW, you left out that in The Simpsons, it was not the actual personages of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton, but space aliens pretending to be them in order to take over and rule the country.Or maybe it was the real Bob Dole.

  4. Life isn't so bad as a human slave. *whip*