30 November, 2002

the boys are a wee bit chilly

Apparently it's true what's underneath the kilt.

Highland tradition dictates men should wear nothing beneath their pleated skirts, in accordance with the saying "Nothing is worn beneath the kilt -- it's all in perfect working order."


  1. Wait, so a Scottish company asked 800 Scottish men "Do you go commando like a REAL Scotsman, or do you wear underwear like a fake wuss?" And *still* 30% of people admitted to wearing underwear?

    Call me a skeptic, but I think it's *at least* 50/50.

    This link offers a different slant on the story: "It is traditional custom that no undergarments are worn underneath the kilt, and it is military regulation for soliders in Highland regiments. However, there are exceptions. In Highland step dancing, athletes for Highland games, and band leaders (who raise their knees to chest level as a way of keeping time) wearing undergarments is more seemly and permitted. "For civilians, undergarments is a personal choice, not a regulatory requirement. Some wear underwear, usually bikini briefs (which are easier to get in and out of when nature calls), some do not. One of the reasons that I recommended specially made kilt shirts with longer tails is that this would provide a layer between the skin and the worsted wool for those who wear their kilts in the traditional fashion, especially if they are sensitive to wool."

  2. bikini briefs on men. eew, gross.

  3. Um, technically, anything that doesn't have a fly, for men, anyway, is considered a "bikini brief".

  4. really? interesting. the things you need to learn when you don't have an attached penis.