15 November, 2002

The State

There's a really great skit by The State, about threatening the president. The premise is that anyone who said the phrase "I'm going to kill the president" was immediately whisked away by a group of secret service agents, never to be seen again.

Sadly, they weren't that far off. In an article from Salon:

Art dealer Doug Stuber, who ran Ralph Nader's Green Party presidential campaign in North Carolina in 2000, was barred last month from getting on a flight to Hamburg, Germany, where he was going on business, after he got engaged in a loud, though friendly, discussion with two other passengers in a security line. During the course of the debate, he shouted that "George Bush is as dumb as a rock," an unfortunate comment that provoked the Raleigh-Durham Airport security staff to call the local Secret Service bureau, which sent out two agents to interrogate Stuber.

The jist of the article is that yes, the Transportation Safety Administration does keep a "blacklist" of about 1,000 people who are not allowed to fly, because they are a "threat to aviation". Rumours abound that there is a second (and who knows, maybe a third or fourth) list of people that, while not prohibiting them from flying, subjects them to unnecessary harassment when trying to board the plane.

Other threats to aviation I would like to see blacklisted:

  • Drunk pilots
  • Inexperienced pilots
  • Disgruntled mechanics
  • Unpleasant flight attendants
  • Airlines that don't pay their employees a livable wage
  • Children who haven't been sedated for their flight
  • The fat and/or smelly bastard that is in the seat next to me

Oh look, some nice men in black suits are h


  1. Oh look, some nice men in black suits are hCompliments of the FSBLA. (Fat Smelly Bastard Liberation Army)

  2. It's like an idiot savant version of Nixon.