18 December, 2002

Faulty Logic

In the last two years, the following has happened to my car:

  • Alternator died on trip to my parents. Luckily, was able to get the battery charged long enough to get me to the nearest Saturn dealer.
  • Replacement alternator dies. Luckily, under warranty, so all I pay for is towing.
  • Rocker arm breaks. $1,000 later, it's fixed, and car runs again.
  • Bought a new set of tires. Nail in road punctures front-right tire. As I'm walking from the car to Subway, I hear a lovely hissing noise.
  • Engine floods, due to bad sensors. More towing. More money.
  • Today, front-right tire is flat. Yet another trip to Costco's tire center.

So far, everything that has happened, besides the first alternator problem, I have discovered on my way to lunch. Therefore, I figure if I never go out for lunch again (or at least not drive), my car will run perfectly.

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