16 December, 2002

How to Ruin American Enterprise

Anyone? Anyone?

Ben Stein has written a great article for Forbes, where he lists twelve ideas that will go a long way to killing innovation in America.

3) Create a culture that blames the other guy for everything and discourages any form of individual self-restraint or self-control. Promote litigation to punish tobacco companies on the theory that they compel innocent people to smoke. Make it second nature for someone who is overweight to blame the restaurant that served him fries. Encourage a legal process that can kill a drug company for any mistakes in self-medication. Make it a general rule that anyone with more money than a plaintiff is responsible for anything harmful that a plaintiff does. Promulgate the pitiful joke that Americans are hereby exempt from any responsibility for their own actions--so long as there are deep pockets around to be rifled.

1 comment:

  1. pfeh. corporations are every bit as responsible for their actions as are individuals. what america needs to do is realize that no one -- people or corporations -- is exempt from the repercussions of their actions.