05 December, 2002

Snowy Goodness

Well, for some reason I decided to brave the weather at 6:40 am and come in to work. I swear that one of the many properties of snow is that it magnifies the stupidity already present in people.

Here's a tip: It's early morning. It's been snowing, probably since about 1am, and it continues to snow. The plows can not keep up with the snow. Slow the fuck down, morons!

I'm glad that you have a big-ass, four- or all-wheel drive car that can handle the snow. Guess what? Most of the rest of us don't. Accept this fact. Don't come zooming up on a slow-moving vehicle, and get all pissy because you have to hit your brakes to avoid slamming into it.

Everybody has to drive slow, it's not just you! You will most likely be late for work. Either leave earlier, or deal with the situation.

I wish I had my camera with me. I would have loved to have gotten some footage of the idiot who spun out about 100 feet in front of me on rt 267. I think they managed to make about 3 1/2, slow-motion revolutions with their car, ending up facing oncoming traffic. Reminded me of that VW commercial with the car going round and round.

Then there was a car behind me, on the I-270 spur, that kept fishtailing. I was just waiting with giddy anticipation for this moron to somehow slam into me with the broadside of his car.

And, of course, several cars stuck in the middle of the interstate.

So now I sit in my office. Kicked off my shoes and propped up my feet on the desk. No one from my group is here, and I doubt I'll see anyone for quite a few hours. All I need is some booze, and this would be perfect.


  1. God bless telecommuting. :-) Actually, I was supposed to be in Raleigh today, but it got canceled. This is good, as they apparantly got nailed worse than we did, and got a lot of ice to go with it.You know, I'm one of those people who drives an AWD car (not SUV, bless you), and I still drive 15-20 under the speed limit in snow usually. I rarely do over 45 or so. This requires untold self-control for me. :-) But, as a friend said to me "4 wheel drive does not cancel out the laws of physics".

  2. Yes, it does.If you have 4WD and ABS, the laws of mechanics will yield to you. Haven't you seen those SUVs barrelling down the beltway? When the disc brakes are applied to a 4WD SUV, the wheels not only stop turning, but somehow the entire vehicle is immune to hydroplaning. The coefficient of friction between the wheels is increased to the extent that ice melts and water is evaporated instaneously. This feature is only available on the Lincoln Navigator and certain Ford SUVs. Rules and restrictions apply. See dealer for more info.

  3. It's also quite interesting to watch people driving on a dead straight road - I-70 in Ohio, spontaneously drive off the road and spin into the median. I witnessed this twice last winter.