07 January, 2003


From an e-mail at work:

We would like to have the last line read:

Your results have been mailed anonymously to Webmaster xxxxx xxxxx; please contact her at 616-xxxx if you have any questions or concerns. If you would like to discuss the answers to any questions in this quiz, please contact xxx xxxxxxx at 616-xxxx.

Oh hells no. I'll write quizmaster. I'll write taskmaster. Hell, I've even write assmaster, if that's what you're into. But no fucking way am I using the term webmaster for such an obvious, idiotic, luddite such as yourself.

Yeah, I know, it's utterly pointless to bitch about this. It's not like you can take the name webmaster seriously anymore. Maybe at one point, you could feel reasonably secure in knowing that the complaint you just fired off to webmaster@somedomain.com would go to a competent, knowledgeable individual (or team), who would quickly fix whatever problem has cropped up.

But not so since the dial-up revolution. Every two-bit jerkass with a computer, AOL and five free megabytes of space calls himself a webmaster. Hey, guess what? Technically, you'd be a web designer. And even that is stretching the definition of the term more than spandex on Anna Nicole Smith.

What will be even more fun is finding a way to exclude the word, without pissing off too many people. Maybe I'll attempt to use the bureaucracy to my advantage, and claim that since we have a legitimate webmaster@usdoj.gov, there might be confusion if it showed up in other places. Sometimes the backwards-thinking management around here does have it's advantages.


  1. I need to add this to the list of weblog cutdowns:"Your website looks like Anna Nicole Smith."

  2. You'd like to know she was just named one of the 10 Worst Dressed for 2002.