10 January, 2003


Remember those stupid "I buy drugs, so I support terrorism" ads the Bush administration launched, not too long after 9/11? Hell, they're probably still being played in some places. They pretty much boil down to "since I smoked a joint, terrorists were able to blow up the WTC". Because as we all know, the majority of illegal drugs that kids use comes from Afghanistan. That's why there are so many billionaire drug lords in the country.

Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars remembers those commercials, and have produced a couple of their own. The twist? It's SUVs, not joints, that fund international terrorism.

I finally got a chance to hear a commercial on the radio this morning. Sadly, it wasn't in the station's rotation (wouldn't want Clear Channel or Infinity to piss off the automakers, would we?). In this case, it was played as part of a local station's wacky morning program's news segment. I was quite happy to hear it, and I hope that others get a chance to hear it, and maybe, just maybe, it'll make a few people think about their choice in cars. While I would have preferred more of an ecological angle to the messages, pretty much anything that points out the drawbacks of SUVs is a good thing in my book.

The wacky morning crew, however, were just incensed. "How dare they tell me not to buy an SUV! I'm going to go out and buy the biggest SUV I can now!"

Ooooh. Way to be controversial. Way to take a stand. I'm glad you support America's "right to consume". I wonder if that was meant to be the 11th amendment, but had to be dropped for space concerns?

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  1. I preffer to call it the "Right to gorge on the teet of consumerism." ;-)