24 January, 2003

Coolest. Tags. Ever.

South Carolina does something interesting for a change: a state lawmaker has introduce a bill to start offering "Choose Death" license plates, in an effort to end the controversy over the "Choose Life" plates.

``My bill is simply a reaction to the abortionists,'' said State Rep. John Graham Altman. ``They're pro-choice. Well, they've got a choice - whether to buy (the tag) or not.''

Sadly, he's introduced the bill for al the wrong reasons, but hey, as long as there's a chance for "Choose Death" plates, I'm all for it.

And this is strange:

Peter Murphy, the Columbia attorney who represented Planned Parenthood, says Altman's bill misses the point. The case was about the First Amendment, he said, not abortion.

What with Bauhaus, Dali's Car and his solo career, when did he find time for law school?


  1. Neat slogan, although the fact that the tags still say "South Carolina" on them utterly disqualifies them from the "Coolest. Tags. Ever." award.

  2. okay, you've got me there.