08 January, 2003

damn kids

Driving in to work today, I made my usual trip up and down the dial of morning drive, trying to find something that will entertain me long enough to get to the office. I stumble onto the Howard Stern show, and he's talking about the Grammy nominations. What the hell, figure I'll listen for a bit.

He plays a clip of Avril Lavigne announcing the nominees for Best Rock Vocal performance. First out of her mouth, David Bowie. Which is pretty cool. I like Bowie.

But she said David Bow-ie.

As in, bough. And then add an "ee" sound to the end.

The man is a fucking legend. He pisses away more talent in his morning trip to the can than Ms. Lavigne will ever hope to have in her entire life. How hard is it to pronounce his damn name?!

Stupid kids.

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