30 January, 2003

It's Not Just FOX

Apparently, the WB can be pretty fucking stupid about scheduling. Take, for example, Angel. After hanging out on Sunday for a while, the execs decided that Angel needed to move to Wednesday. Okay, fine. Why keep it paired up with Charmed, when you can have it follow Dawson's Creek? (Or whatever the hell is on at 8PM)

Well, at least with February being sweeps, you'd think they'll show a whole bunch of Angel, maybe get it some ratings?

Ha! Puny human, your thinking is broken. You must think like network executives! (I'm convinced all network executives are actually clones of Phil Hartman's SNL character, "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer". "You're sensible schedules confuse me...I am just a simple caveman, thawed out and put in charge of programming at a medium-sized network.")

To quote the TVGal:

The WB made some changes to its schedule, so I want to clarify some dates for you. The Faith episodes of "Angel" will now air March 5, March 12 and March 19 and Alyson Hannigan will appear as Willow on March 19.

In other frog scheduling news, a two-hour and final "Birds of Prey" will air on Wednesday, Feb. 19 and "The Lone Ranger," starring Chad Michael Murray (Tristan on "Gilmore Girls" and Charlie on "Dawson's Creek" ) airs on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Oh yes, I see the logic in this. First, let's take a show that has been cancelled, and show a final episode in the middle of sweeps. Next, let's take a pilot, and also put it up during this crucial ratings period. All the while casting aside the viable show which needs to find its audience, since it has just been moved.

And just to make it clear to the asshats at the WB: You are morons. Don't fuck up one of the few shows I actually enjoy watching!

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