23 January, 2003


For those of you in the DC area who missed Angel last night, it will be shown on Saturday, at 9PM. How nice of WBDC to pre-empt a show we've hardly had a chance to watch in the last two months, so they could show the Wizards lose...again. Yay.

I ended up at the movie theatre, and saw A Guy Thing. Overall, a pretty good movie. Not big on plot or character development, but pretty damn funny, without having to resort to fart jokes. Well, okay, one fart joke, but even that was fairly inventive.

The major drawback to the show was its poor production quality. It's entirely possible the problem was just with the projector lense, which was a few degrees off, so we missed the bottom foot or so of the movie. But damn, I saw the fucking boom mike in so many shots, it was just pathetic. I don't know, maybe a lot of movies have this problem, and it's just hidden by the top of the picture not being on screen. Not to mention how washed out the final outdoor scenes were. Of course, the director Chris Koch's other work includes Snow Day, "Malcolm in the Middle", and a couple of other TV shows. This might help to explain it.

Well worth seeing if you're looking for some mindless fun, and don't mind the uncomfortable romantic scenes involving Jason Lee.

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  1. oh, angel didn't show? oh, well. i read the wildfeed, complete with pictures. good episode!