30 January, 2003

Open Letter (#3)

Dear Adidas,

You suck. Thanks for capitalizing on the death of Jam Master Jay with these.



  1. don't get mad at adidas. JMJ's wife and kids are cashing in on it too. did you read the letter?

  2. I think whoever posted this story the stupid asshole. I guess you missed the link where a relative of JMJ tells Addidas fans that the shoes in question are to be sold and 100% of the proceeds go to the DJ Scratch Academy for upcoming DJ's. Yeah you stupid fuck...what are you doing with your life other than spreading bullshit? heh moron.

  3. okay, think about this: adidas is selling 5,000 of this special edition, jam master jay shoes, for $100 a piece. So the total to rake in is $500,000. whew! that's a lot of scratch (pardon the pun)!but hey, jmj's dj scratch academy is getting the money! it's a good thing.well, yeah. they're getting the proceeds. which is what you call profits when you donate them to charity. (sounds a little less cold and capitalistic, huh?). so let's see, what are the profits on a pair of shoes? well, normally i would say that there is about $5 worth of material, and 50 cents worth of labor in them. but of course, we have to remember r&d costs for designing them. let's be really generous and say it only cost adidas $50 to produce this $100 pair of shoes. that's a tidy profit?so, $50 a shoe, 5,000 shoes = $250,000.$250,000. that's a lot of money to give to the academy!yeah, it is. but why doesn't adidas just straight out give that $250,000 to the academy. or even the $500,000, which many people seem to think it is going to get? because for adidas, it's all PR. it's another 5,000 people walking around with adidas logos on their feet (ok, not that anyone is going to wear them, they'll be on display in their house...but you get my drift). it's just another way for the company to advertise, all the while making it look like they really care about people, artists, the community, etc.the fact is, run dmc did wonders for this company. how many thousands of pairs of adidas do you think were sold because of run dmc? how many kids went out and got a pair, just to be like their idols? how many millions of dollars do you think adidas has made just from "my adidas", never mind run dmc's various videos where they prominently sport the shoes? and how much money did run dmc get back from adidas for basically becoming their billboards? i'm going to guess....very little.and that, my little friend, is why i'm pissed off at adidas for capitalizing on jam master jay's death.so toodle-oo, ass.