11 January, 2003


Watching Avril Levigne perform on SNL.

Just in case the point hasn't been made enough: she's not punk.

Whatever it is they're performing right now is about three steps away from Irish dirge. I'm trying very hard to figure out who exactly she's ripping off. Someone early- to mid-nineties. Cranberries. Yeah, that's the ticket.


At the end of the performance: "Tonight's musical guest has been brought to you by....Budweiser". Uh-huh. Maybe Budweiser should sponsor people who can actually drink their product.

And I don't just mean in the legal sense.

At least that's over. Now I can watch Weekend Update and Tina Fey. Yum.


  1. Is she supposed to be punk? She looks like a 16 year old raver into a little kink.

  2. she tried for this skater/punk/raver thing, but always comes out bubblegum.i mean, it's entirely possible she's some lame-ass candy raver.