07 January, 2003


As if people need more of an incentive to buy SUVs: they can also get a big, fat tax break under the right circumstances.

The incentives were designed to give tax breaks to small business owners buying trucks for construction or farming. But the tax code was amended before the very largest class of SUVs -- those over 6,000 pounds, existed. The SUV's carry the classification "light truck" even though they are used almost exclusively as passenger vehicles.

Seriously, these things are fucking cars. They need to be regulated like cars. The only special treatment they should get is that drivers should have something along the lines of a class C license to operate them, since they're so fucking big. (The car or the driver? You decide.)


  1. Yes, like I am going to do construction or farming in a $60k "truck" with heated leather seats and climate control. Soon, there will be a tax deductions to repair it after the lumber that we lug around mauls the interior.

  2. This is why I've always been a supported of simply elminating the exemptions that trucks receive, period. If they are capable of carrying passengers, they're a passenger vehicle, regardless of how stupid it is to buy one for such a purpose.