19 January, 2003

Teenage Hormones

You know, I firmly believe that no matter what you do, teenagers are going to figure out sex. I mean, it's a pretty fucking strong biological urge, and it's quite hard to fight. Neanderthal boys didn't have their parents trying to teach them about "the birds and the bees" at an awkward age. They just did it. It's perfectly natural, and just plain hard to stop.

But the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors seems to think that suggestive questions on a student survey just might give those horny kids some ideas:

How old were you when you first had sex? Did you drink alcohol beforehand? Have you ever had oral sex?

Those are some of the proposed questions on a survey to be given to thousands of Fairfax County students this spring, along with more than 100 other questions on drug use, suicide, weight loss and family relationships.

But some members of the county Board of Supervisors, which is paying for the survey, want to drop the section on sex, saying it could give teenagers ideas. Others want to rephrase those questions so they don't suggest that such behavior is okay.

Although maybe I'm just giving the kids of today too much credit?


  1. Right, without those questions, I would never have figured out that there was this thing called sex.

  2. Oh this is a great idea "Tobin Sorensen, who has a 10th-grader and a 12th-grader at Fairfax High School, said she wants the county to send the questions directly to parents. " that won't chagne the results at all...Is silly thing to be worried about, unless the questions are taken directly from one of the longer purity tests.

  3. Sex? Shit, am I missing out on something?

  4. So, questions about sex are baaad because they might give students ideas, but questions about suicide are hunky-dory?

    And "family relationships"? I didn't know they did that as far north as Fairfax.

  5. Sorry Randy, you'd still flunk. :-)