14 February, 2003

A Horse is a Horse

FOX orders a remake of Mister Ed.

The show will have the same premise as the original -- a guy owns a horse that talks, but only to him, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The twist for the remake is that the horse has a hip-hop sensibility instead of the original's countrified drawl.

Does FOX actively hate its viewers? Is this the reason they do such stupid things?

The sad thing is, this will most likely premiere, do well, and stay on the schedule for a few seasons. Maybe generate some merchandise. All the while, good shows like Greg the Bunny, Futurama, and Firefly get canned.


  1. A "hip-hop" sensibility? Would that be Fast Five Freddy sensitibilities? No, more like Nelly.FOX sucks.

  2. Any suggestions for naming this proactively hip, hip-hop horse?I would suggest Poochie, bit i think it has already been taken.

  3. "this hizzorse is in the hizzouse, yo!"perchance, do you mean fab five freddy? :-p

  4. What's next? My Mother The Hooptie?

  5. God smack me and call me white, yes I did. Blended Grandmaster Flash and Fab Five Freddy :/ Man, well, now there'd be a great performer, but hey...