01 February, 2003


Wow, not even two hours after the space shuttle Columbia breaks up during re-entry, and some shit for brains is selling a piece of the wreckage on eBay. Here's the original and an archived copy of the page.

And you wonder why I hate people so much?


    in which you were a bidding participant, has been ended early by eBay as it appears to offer an item or contains material which is prohibited for sale on eBay. :(no debris for meh

  2. Really, though, how is this different from the three-magic-wands story? People exploit other people, James. In the earlier story, you felt like the stupid, stupid victim 'deserve[d] to lose that money'. It's pretty clear the 'debris' wasn't authentic -- partly because of the location (Germany is a long way from Texas), and partly because of the "ircnet" markings on it. Sure, it was in bad taste, but what form of exploitation isn't?

  3. quite frankly, if someone had been bidding on it as if it were a legitimate auction, i would consider them to be yet another stupid person who gets what he or she deserves.and do i consider the seller of the magic wands an asshat? sure, but not at the same level of this guy with the auction. if this had happened a month, a week or even a day later, i wouldn't have paid it much mind. just said something under my breath about how stupid people are. but it happened in less than two hours, with the sole purpose of exploiting these astronauts deaths and nasa's failure.[and no, i don't necessarily consider these people the greatest heroes in the world for what they did and what happened to them. they were doing their job, that they willingly took, and they knew all of the risks. it's certainly terrible what happened, but i'm not going to make martyrs out of them.]i was mainly posting this so that 1) there would be an archive of what this person did for those who wanted to see (and believe me, plenty of people wanted to see) and 2) to point out the first instance of what i was sure would be many people taking advantage of yesterday's events for their own personal gain. which also came true...not just people selling "debris", but people putting any kind of columbia or space shuttle knick-knack on the block to make a penny.i don't care if people exploit others. just don't use someone's fresh corpse to do it.