26 February, 2003

Everybody Sucks

It's snowing outside. The snow is what I would call aggressive flurries. (Which is a far cry from aggressive furries...but that's another rant.) Really not all that hard, but it is accumulating a bit, although even that will scatter off the roads when a fast-moving car goes over it.

But basically it's snowing. And by god, you'd swear the apocalypse was on the way. It took me an hour to drive my usual 20 minute commute. And for two reasons:

  1. Accident on the American Legion Bridge. It was bumper-to-bumper, slow crawl traffic from Rt 267 to the bridge (possibly farther back, but that's where I happened to get on). I of course am wondering the whole time whether or not I'm in a good lane: one that doesn't have a wrecked car in it. Turns out it didn't matter. It was rubbernecking delays the whole way. Several miles worth. Because of an accident going southbound on the bridge. And it wasn't even that good of an accident, although one of the cars had managed to flip around 180°. Grrr. Argh. Fucking waste of time.

    (On a side note, I do feel sorry for those poor bastards driving in from Maryland, as that accident had backed up traffic well past the I-270 spur. It's still at a crawl outside my office near Montrose. I don't even want to imagine how far back it actually goes.)
  2. Accident on I-270N at Democracy Blvd. Or so said the handy sign over 495. After the bridge, things looked up. I got back up to speed. I made it all the way to River Rd and then....stop. I finally see the sign warning of the accident. It also warned us to expect "major delays". Yay. So what happens? I spend more time in slow-crawl traffic, only to find the accident had been cleared, and I was just stuck in the residual backup.

Maybe I'm just strange, but I would prefer to actually see a horrific accident, as some sort of payment for all the time I've had to wait because of it. Of course, in all the time in my car, I came up with these thoughts:

  • Forget Buffy's First Evil. Forget the Beast on Angel. Forget all of those apocalyptic images of ubervamp armies, Evil Willow destoying the planet or the Mayor turning into a giant snake. Just watch people in DC react to a light snow. Way more destructive than any of that.

  • I shudder to imagine what this place would look like if an actual emergency were to happen. I mean, the snow we got last week was bad, but for the most part, people had the sense to stay home and enjoy a few days off from work. But what happens when the gov't announces that we're under attack. Missiles are heading towards DC. Can't you just picture the chaos of that situation? Hell, we can't get through half-an-inch of snow without a couple of road-closing accidents. How much better do you think the people will be when they know death is packed in a missile's warhead?

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