11 February, 2003


Ever wonder what the National Cattelemen's Beef Association thinks would make a quick, healthy snack, perfect for a growing, energetic and well-balanced pre-teen girl? Well, wonder no longer!

  • A tortilla wrap with slices of lean roast beef and Swiss cheese
  • A barbeque beef sandwich on a roll, an apple or fresh juice
  • A bowl of chili with cornbread muffin and water and pepper strips
  • A taco salad with strips of lean beef and an orange
  • An English muffin pizza with ground beef crumbles and melted cheese

Hey, how about a little BEEF to go with that? Maybe a glass of BEEF to wash it all down?

Fly solo sometimes. You'll find yourself to be good company.

Uh-huh. "Fly solo". I think we all see the message these Cattlemen are sending to our nation's youth. Perverts.

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  1. My friend Ron sent me this website a couple of weeks ago, the scariest this site is only borderline SFW. My friends at training thought it might be a pedophile page!;-)