19 February, 2003

Snow Days

Okay, here's my take on the snow days, in approximate journal form:

expecting much snow. not sure about trip to parents. decide to play halo instead of worrying. finally sleep, but not even rain outside.

wake up early. no snow. how can the weather service be so damn wrong? look at forecast. still expecting a lot of snow. decide to cancel trip.

metro into dc to hangout with soon-ah. see new apartment (v. nice, but bad color scheme). finally the snow starts. might i be trapped in the city?

drive to mall in wheaton. mall, not so good, but they do have a two-story target. device that moves the shopping cart b/w floors v. cool. as we leave, snow still falling. no accumlation. weather service is obviously retarded.

go to see daredevil. like mall, not so good. b. affleck not the super-hero type. m. keaton much more convincing in role as batman. how sad. snow has tapered off. no accumulation. starting to wonder if i should've canceled trip.

snow. finally. fairly heavy, but i walk over to coffee shop anyways. maybe it will be quiet.

no such luck. full of assholes who complain about how much effort it took them to get there. lady behind the counter didn't care, and told them they could go elsewhere. i silently applaud this woman, my new hero.

return home to play more halo. still snowing. a lot. randy tells me the joy of shoveling snow over aim. he's obviously gone insane.

went to harris teeter. closed 10 min before i got there. fuckers. went back to watch tv and play more halo. still snowing. give up and go to sleep.

wake up to phone call from parents. yes, i'm fine. still snowing, but just a tiny bit. hella snow outside. went to mall, got lunch. get home, play more halo.

finally decide to borrow shovel and start digging out. big mistake. spent four hours making path from my door to the street. met neighbors, all seem reasonably decent. even got compliments on how nice my path was.

done shoveling. hate it v. much. car still buried. take hot shower, watch as feet thaw out. frostbite averted. watch news. gov't closed tuesday. yay. played more halo. sleep.

pain. back, shoulders and arms hurt. realize i still have to shovel more. god hates me.

shovel for another two hours or so. meet more neighbors, who are also trying to get out. (one, v. cute...finally!) landlord shows up with shovels about fifteen minutes before i'm done. god hates me.

eat lunch. don't play halo. nap. wake up in even more pain. go to dc to watch buffy with soon-ah. parking non-existent. dc even less competent about snow removal than va. got stuck once, was able to extricate myself. why does everyone else have so many problems?

wake up. still pain. drive to work. takes more than an hour. vdot + mddot + snow removal = suck. ponder why it was i never had these kinds of problems in fargo.


  1. Snow sucks. The Target in Gaithersburg (Washingtonian Blvd) has one of those little cart-escalator things too. Kind of neat. Have you ever wondered why it takes two levels to put the same amount of stuff there?

  2. man, if you're just going over to watch buffy, you should've parked in the alley.read the wildfeed. must return to land of english-speaking buffy. french buffy not so funny. grr. aargh.

  3. nope, parking in the alley just wasn't going to happen. you must be thinking someone would've have cleared it at some point :-p

  4. Don't complain, I am still shoveling. I am averaging around 4 hours a day, every day. I still have more shoveling to go on the roof before it rains this weekend. Oh, and the good shovel finally broke DAMN IT!