27 February, 2003


I really need to develop some kind of willpower when it comes to used record shops. Today's swag:

  • Various Artists - Loop: The Cut and Paste Groove Collection
  • Moby - Drop a Beat
  • Bob Holroyd - Drumming up a Storm
  • Hal (f/Gillian Anderson) - Extremis*
  • Lab Report - Unhealthy
  • The Bloodhound Gang - Hooray for Boobies
  • Various Artists - Yellow Magic Orchestra Reconstructed
  • Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity
  • Kraftwerk - The Man Machine

The last two being vinyl. Sadly, not the original vinyl, but oh well. I told the guy at the store I would be highly interested if a copy of the originals came in, even more so if they happen to be in German. That's what I love about small stores. The personal rapport you have with the owner.

And just in time for the weekend: more snow! I'm going to go hide now.

*I admit it, the only reason I bought this was because it features Gillian Anderson. Although the Download remix certainly helps to make the rest of the single bearable.


  1. Ah. Musical addiction. Although, as a Bloodhound Gang owner, you no longer have the right to tease me over Plastic Bertrand! (If Schoenberg were a music addict, would he have joined a twelve-tone support group?)

  2. ouch. comparing bloodhound gang to plastic bertrand? what have you been smoking, man?oh wait.