04 February, 2003


Interesting...that item was pulled earlier by E-Bay but it still appears through Lloyd's link..

So sayeth one of the mental giants on some messageboard, regarding a link to my archive of an eBay auction of fake Columbia debris.

For shits and grins, I decided to go through my logs and see what places were linking to the archive, as it had received a fair amount of traffic. Amazing how people just don't quite understand what it means to archive something. There's a very good reason you don't see ebay in the URL: it's not an eBay computer!


  1. someone linked to you by searching "jenny licks." google "jenny licks." ugh. what were they looking for?

  2. i'm not finding that in google. i'll have to wait until i get home and can look through my logs and see where that's coming from.but don't you feel special? :-)