04 March, 2003


Looks like Michael Savage isn't too happy that various gay and women's groups are protesting his new show on MSNBC.

He goes on threaten the protesters, "If you continue this, we're going to go after your funding sources. And we will do everything we can within the legal realm to cut off that funding. We are also going to go to the U.S. Justice Department under John Ashcroft. What you are doing is illegal. You think it's 1965 and I'm South Africa? I've got news for you: it's not 1965 and it ain't South Africa. I'll cut your funding off, and if you break the law any further, I'll put you in jail."


  1. problem with tort reform is that lawsuits are a way for the little guy (i.e., citizens) to affect bad business practices of large corporations that are otherwise unregulated or protected by the government.we need more common sense, not tort reform.

  2. That's crazy talk! What, are you French or something?Seriously, Michael Savage makes Andrew Sullivan (a big flaming gay boy who likes to have bareback sex even though he's HIV+) look logical. That takes a near miracle.Then again, MSNBC is such a hot-bed of liberal ideas that they need Herr Savage to balance them out.That damned liberal media.