14 April, 2003

Damascus Calling

According to the Guardian, Dubya and crew have decided to leave Syria alone. Good thing that common sense and diplomacy have won out over hawkishness.

Ooops, spoke to soon:

However, President George Bush, who faces re-election next year with two perilous nation-building projects, in Afghanistan and Iraq, on his hands, is said to have cut off discussion among his advisers about the possibility of taking the "war on terror" to Syria.

My prediction: Bush wins the re-election, and all of the sudden, Syria is prime suspect for weapons of mass destruction, possibly with a tyrannical regime in charge, oppressing its people.


  1. I think before Bush (and I do mean Bush, not the US) can start a war with another country, he's going to have to fix up some of the mess he's made in Iraq. There are way too many people without food, water, and electricity at the moment, and the soldiers in Iraq haven't been able to contain the mass amounts of looting. I think it may take some time....but yes, after he does a half-ass job of 'helping' the Iraqi people, he will find the means to attack another country.

    I find it interesting that the US is arguing with the UN about who's going to send relief to Iraq. Just help them out already and stop arguing. If you're going to attack a country in the magnitude that you did, you really should some sort of plan for how to deal with the aftermath.

  2. I agree entirely with your prediction. Lets just hope that by some miracle that he doesn't win the next election.

  3. Um, why would he do that? We've basically left Afghanistan a complete disaster again, and only spent $13M in the past 18 months to rebuild the country. Heck, we probably spend more than that to protect the oil in Iraq.